Missoma X TreeSisters Poem of the Day - We Could Move Mountains


“Women are the greatest untapped resource on this planet.
Women are wild, powerful forces of nature.
But how many of us have become tidy, contained, acceptable versions of ourselves when raging rivers run beneath the surface?
We need those rivers, let loose in creative expression and audacious action.
Freed up and bonded together we could move mountains.
What could be more needed than millions of heart centred women offering their gifts in service to the one who Mothers us all?”

~ Clare Dubois, TreeSisters Founder

TreeSisters Logo_COLOUR.png

Over Black Friday, Missoma will be working with TreeSisters, a non-profit organization which exists to prompt collective responsibility for planetary restoration with a focus on women and tropical reforestation. Within this collaboration, Missoma will be planting one tree for every order made on the Missoma website within the dates 20th - 26th November for Black Friday. This initiative is the brand’s way of giving back to our planet with each order made, whilst also supporting women which is a fundamental brand value for Missoma. For each order made, women of the TreeSisters organization will be planting one tree along the tropical forest belt in Kenya, Madagascar, Brazil and India with the aim to hit 1 million trees planted per month for prime reforestation and climate repair. Missoma plan on helping TreeSisters hit and exceed their target through this Black Friday initiative.

A huge thank you to TreeSisters for partnering with us, they are truly doing the most fantastic work!