New Year, New You

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Definitely Keep...

So, we’ve been here a few times; a new year and a handful of promises to make it better than the last. From getting fit to a career change, these aspirations have made their way in and out of our resolution lists every year.

How many of us joined the gym this month? Cut out meat, dairy, gluten or even reality TV? We’re going to take a wild guess…QUITE A FEW!!

Now, we’re not saying New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time, in fact, we’ve been trying our hardest to be healthy in both body and mind. We’re replacing negative thoughts with positive energies, we’re not letting stress take over and remembering to take a moment when it gets a bit much. This doesn’t require much effort and that’s why we love it!

As everyone knows, at Missoma we love the healing powers of gemstones. Each crystal has its own unique colour, story and legend, and we could go on about them forever! But for now, we’ll round up our top three to help you be the New You.


In beautiful tones of purple, Amethyst is renowned for its powers of intuition, wisdom and protection. This stone calms the mind and spirit and relieves stress, making it the perfect choice when your New Year’s resolution is to stay calm and think only positive thoughts.

Rose Quartz

Looking to boost your confidence this year? Rose Quartz has long been revered for its powers to raise self-esteem and create inner peace. Married with 18ct gold vermeil, the pink colour of this stone makes it both healing and utterly feminine.


Last up is green Malachite. The stone of transition, this crystal is a protector from the evil eye. So, if you want a more ambitious outlook on life this year, turn to this all-purpose healer for both strength and of course, style.