Why We Heart Valentines

What symbol do you think of when you think of love? For us, it’s always been the heart and with Valentines around the corner, we wanted to reimagine the age-old symbol for our latest, love-filled collection.

Named Folded Hearts, this edit explores more than just romance; we take a trip through friendship, admiration and deep emotion, appreciating every twist and turn and celebrating the ones who have made the ride fun and extra special.

We wanted something modern, something chic, something that says: “I adore you,” without actually having to say it (perfect for the shy ones amongst us).

With an origami-inspired enfolding heart at the centre of each piece, this range isn’t just for the one you love. In fact, we encourage celebrating your admiration for mums, sisters and best friends, and what better way than with classic jewellery?

The line-up is made up of necklaces, earrings, bracelets cuffs and rings. So there really is something for everyone!