Meet Missoma's Founders this Mother's Day


Every year when Mother's Day comes around, through contemplation we are reminded of how important our mums are to us, what they have sacrificed and what a leading light they are in our lives. It’s a time to reminisce about how well our mothers looked after us, nurtured us and encouraged us to become who we are today. Now as adults, we get to take this opportunity once a year to say thank you for all her love, support and dedication - even now! We sat down with Marisa our Founder and Creative Director, and her Mum Michele and Sister Sophie recently to discuss their special relationship. You may well know what lead Marisa to start Missoma.. but if you don't here's a little recap:


You could say Missoma was born the minute that Michele, Marisa's Mother, gave Marisa her first Crystal at five years old and Marisa began her collection. Everyone at school used to ask her where all her energy came from, and the joke was 'the crystals', which were displayed on glass shelves all around her bedroom. Having spent all her pocket money on gemstones, her love developed into something far more than just a childhood collection or hobby, as she started making jewellery around her kitchen table encouraged by Michele and assisted by Sophie, hours were spent around the table. Indeed Missoma's name is quite literally a combination of the trio's names...  'MIchele', 'SOphie' and 'MArisa'!


Whilst 10 years on, Marisa is the one running the show, Michele and Sophie are very much still part of the process - assisting with design, brainstorming ideas, lending a helping hand during busy periods. They're never more than a text away from coming in to the office. What began as their favourite way of spending quality time together, has grown from a fun hobby they were passionate about into an internationally renowned jewellery brand.

Sisterhood is something we feel strongly about at here Missoma. The brand is quite literally founded upon this so we try and have a running narrative of motherhood, sisterhood and friendship in everything that we do.
— Marisa Horden, Founder & Creative Director

So, how exactly do we show our appreciation to a woman who has always been there for us? Let’s not be cliché and lazy by getting her last–minute flowers from the shop around the corner. Ladies, let’s make it special this time. Something sparkly, something personal, something Missoma. This Mother’s Day, let’s treat our mums to a piece that will mean more to her than anything, something personal, something to treasure. Maybe consider creating your own perfect combo of charms and gemstones inspired by her style and personality. Or if you want to put an even bigger smile on her face, perhaps personalisation is the way to go. Engrave your initials, name or a special date on our gold bar necklace and give her something she’ll never want to take off.  

As a mother myself you try to do the very best you can for your children and always be there for them when needed with unconditional love. For me I would love the pave blue and white evil eye choker for protection. My mother grew up in Egypt and was always slightly superstitious and she believed in warding off the evil eye.
— Michele Hordern
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