Lucy Williams x Missoma: The Roman Collection


An ode to Rome.

Feeling inspired upon the return from a birthday trip to Rome, Lucy Williams (blogger, writer and stylist) was stirred to create a collection based around the city’s antiquities and treasured artefacts. Together Lucy and Marisa Hordern (Missoma Founder & Creative Director) joined forces for the second time to create a collection depicting Roman iconography.

I’ve always loved finding old heirlooms and tiny medallions in markets and boxes of trinkets on Portobello road, and after a special trip to Rome for my birthday in March this year, I was obsessing over ancient Roman coins and antique pendants as jewellery. I wanted to create pieces that could be layered with our original collection, but were totally different in their inspiration and theme. The sorts of pieces you never take off and work as much on the beach in Puglia as they do over knitwear in London. Pieces that slowly become personal lucky charms or wearable mascots, the meaning unique to the wearer. I’ve always loved malachite and we introduced touches of it to the collection as it reminds me of the ornate, marbled interiors of one of my favourite palazzos in Rome, Palazzo Altemps. It’s a protection stone so great for frequent flyers and promotes prosperity, good fortune and self-confidence. We’ve been honing this collection for six months to get every piece just right and are so happy to finally be able to see it living and breathing in the real world.
— Lucy Williams, Fashion Me Now

The collection features a selection of pendant necklaces inspired by coins and talismans with cultural motifs from ancient Rome. The coins echo the detailed, symbolic execution of Roman jewellery, whilst the fresh interpretation brings amulet status symbols into the 21st century for the modern woman.

Four pieces within the collection contain Malachite; this stone, rich green in colour, was popular in ancient Rome and was often used for jewellery as it was sacred to the Goddess Juno—the patron goddess of Rome and the Roman Empire.

From concept to sketch, Marisa and Lucy worked together to build a collection of elements, charms and contemporary shapes. An integral part of Missoma designs is their ability to be worn alone or layered. Missoma embraces the need for versatility and the desire for interchangeable pieces and collectable pendants and charms, enabling our jewellery pieces to be a unique expression of individual style.

It’s been over two years now since Lucy and I first met, our ideas colliding over cocktails, and during this time our aesthetics have grown to be even more in tune, whilst our understanding of how each other works has deepened. So if anything, we are even more excited about the launch of this new ‘Roman Collection’ because collaborating together has been such an exciting journey. We both bring different ideas to the table which I feel really complement each other and fuse together to create something special.
This collection is a complete departure from the first, but can still be worn together and compliment the original pieces. It throws together a story linking Lucy’s style, Missoma’s design and finish and leaves the wearer to interpret it in their own way; it’s the perfect blend of concept, creation and curation.
— - Marisa Hordern, Founder and Creative Director


The Roman Collection is part two of the Lucy Williams x Missoma collaboration story. In 2015 Lucy and Marisa joined forces to create the Lucy Williams x Missoma tribal collection featuring the now iconic Large Horn and Mini Fang Necklaces. Pieces which, two years on are still an every-day staple on every it-girl from the UK to Australia and beyond. Two years on, Missoma is set to launch Lucy Williams x Missoma: The Roman Collection in October 2017, launching exclusively on on 4th October.